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Welcome to Terrulia, a new world brimming with magic, monsters, and Potentials with deadly cunning. Follow the story of Fallon Auger and four sexy, sinful men in this six-book urban fantasy / why choose series.

This series has:
💙 Why choose
🗡️ Enemies to lovers
💙 Bully romance
🗡️ Insta lust
💙 Friends to lovers
🗡️ Who did this to you
💙 Academy setting
🗡️ Humour
💙 Found Family
🗡️ And much much more

The blood and brutality of The Hunger Games meets the humour and silliness of Zodiac Academy meets the sexiness of The Bonds that Tie in this academy-set story. While our characters have their trauma and backstories, we don’t take them too seriously 😉 If you’re looking for a super serious read or cast, this ain’t it!

Thank you for your interest in receiving an advanced ebook copy of A Forest of Fire by Chloe Hodge and Rebecca Camm. We are planning for ARCs to be delivered to successful applicants in mid September, a month prior to AFOF's release on October 19th. 

After reading A Forest of Fire, if you can leave an honest review, please make sure it's up on Goodreads before release, and if applicable, posted on Amazon on release day.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and are so excited for you to dive into the world of Terrulia.


I’d thought surviving the trials and becoming queen would be the biggest hurdle I’d ever face. I was dead wrong.

Someone is murdering Potentials and blackmailing the Masters. The worst part? They’re framing me for it.

A serial killer is on the loose, human traffickers are on the hunt, and a mysterious hooded man is making deals with devils everywhere. To top it all off, a fire has torn through the Verdant Plateau, and I have no doubt it all ties back to House Jupiter. 

Distractions lie in the arms of four gorgeous men as deadly as each other. I cannot fall for them, but my conviction teeters on the edge of a sharp blade.


I’m walking a fine line between pleasure and pain, but I’m doing it my way. I have a murderer to find and answers to seek, and I don’t care if I get a little bloody on the way.


I’m an Auger, after all, and death is a family affair.


The Terrulian Trials is a steamy urban fantasy series brimming with mystery, magic, and blood. This is a “why choose” novel, meaning the heroine ends up with multiple love interests. This novel is recommended for readers 18+ and is book two of six.

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