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Chloe Hodge is a Fantasy Author and Editor who spends her time crafting fantastical novels brimming with magic and mystery, and building worlds rich with colour and history.


Hodge creates a character cast full of underdogs and the morally grey---always seeking to triumph over evil, or perhaps live long enough to see themselves become the villain (bonus points if you catch that reference)

When she’s not writing or editing fantasy novels, she is … not able to be found.


Most likely curled up with a book somewhere, playing video games, or adventuring with her husband and two dogs.

Want to discover Chloe's other books? Find them on her website here.


Chloe Hodge


Rebecca Camm was raised in Melbourne by a single mother, who encouraged her passion for reading and all things magical. She has been writing stories since she was a child to help manage her anxiety and make sense of the world.

Rebecca strongly believes in the power stories have in changing lives. Just like her, Rebecca’s characters are flawed, yet they are continually learning. Unlike her, they are confident, witty, and just generally more exciting.

Rebecca lives with her husband and two children. When her children allow her free time, she is either writing or attempting to conquer her ever growing tbr pile.

Want to discover Rebecca's other books? Find them on her website here.


Rebecca Camm

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