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Chloe Hodge and Rebecca Camm

Welcome to Terrulia...

A new world brimming with magic, monsters, and Potentials with deadly cunning. 

Follow the story of Fallon Auger and four sexy, sinful men in this six-book urban fantasy/why choose series.

The blood and brutality of The Hunger Games meets the humour and silliness of Zodiac Academy in this epic instalment, but let's not forget a steam level befitting The Bonds that Tie.


You have been warned.  Once you step through these academy doors, there's no going back.


Are you strong enough to survive the trials that await? Can you handle the class bullies and the vicious antics of the other Potentials?


Maybe the real question we should be asking is which guy you'll be most drawn to.

Will you dive down into Zane's coral reef?

Rock your birthday suit with Noah?

Find yourself crushed and slammed by Kayden?

Maybe even find a spark with our resident grump, Ace?

Well, shit. We don't choose here. You can have them all.

And you can have them starting May 18th!

Just remember... We don't take our characters too seriously. They have their trauma and backstories, sure, but this series is fun and it is filled with light-hearted humour. If you're looking for a super serious read, this ain't it!

Enter the House of Ascension with
A Sky of Storms!

Ready to dive in?

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